Hot air cooker - Cookie molds.

Hot Air Cooker

hot air cooker

    hot air
  • Empty talk that is intended to impress

  • air that has been heated and tends to rise

  • palaver: loud and confused and empty talk; "mere rhetoric"

  • Hot air in economics refers to the Assigned Amount Units (AAU) credits given for the reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions among the former Soviet Bloc countries since 1990.

  • The Cooker is an album by jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan released on the Blue Note label in 1957. It was recorded on September 29, 1957 and features performances by Morgan, Pepper Adams, Bobby Timmons, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones.

  • a utensil for cooking

  • A kitchen stove, cooking stove, cookstove or cooker is a kitchen appliance designed for the purpose of cooking food. Kitchen stoves rely on the application of direct heat for the cooking process and may also contain an oven, used for baking.

  • An appliance used for cooking food

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45 / 52

Situation Normal

All good here, you?

Hello friends I hope you had a good week? Not long to go now until Christmas eh? I spent a while not looking forward to Christmas but these days I get quite excited!!!

Had a good week over here, weather is terrible and definitely leaving autumn to its own devices, got invited to the pre-opening night of Mustafa's second curry house (seats were limited and invitations strictly controlled- sorry folks!) which was really nice and had some great friends round on Saturday to drink and chat with.

We cooked a monster Lamb curry in a slow cooker (crockpot to you over the pond?) for 8 hours and it was great. Little scared 'cus chilli's tend to get hotter the longer they cook (ask me how I know) so some emergency coconut milk got poured in to solve the problem - and move the dish a few hundred miles east.

Still, it was very nice and Hoot said it was the best curry he had had for years - which was nice.

Some more late nights this week (@work) and as is usual these days some more running around the track in the freezing winter with V1M.

This week will be a month of the re-start and so far, apart from the weird knee feelings, I am still upright - something of a record. If this goes on I may even become fit! (god forbid).

Anyway, its only a mile a night 2 nights a week but next week its going to increase a bit. I am really tempted to do more as after a mile you are just bedded down and start to feel that you could run longer. But, I am trying to be careful and not put myself out for another 12 months by pushing it!

Got another call from another band in need of some keyboards this week (I say call - myspace). An old old friend of mine Little Dave whom we have spend some way debauched times together called me and I am off to see him and his band tomorrow - kind of meet and greet

Drinking less, eating better and taking exercise, whats going on here, you will hardly know me by the end of the year!

Got to dash folks, got some professional intrigue to deal with!!

Quarter Moon Open Air Vendor

Quarter Moon Open Air Vendor

Downtown Muncie, Ribfest - the year it was soooo hot and they had us set up right behind a hot rib cooker. Sherita got heat stroke and was sick for a week. The only vendor who made money that year was the sno-cone guy across from us.

I'm pretty sure that was my last RibFest as a vendor. We had much more fun just going and sampling all the food, and enjoying the festival from our air-conditioned downtown office on the second floor. And in 2010 I got to be a judge for the ribs contest, mmmm!

hot air cooker

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