Holiday Cookie Tins : Programmable Slow Cookers Reviews.

Holiday Cookie Tins

holiday cookie tins

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5/365 ~ It's over..

5/365 ~ It's over..


Christmas is done for the year. Tree is coming down, all the holiday goodness is gone for another year and these cookie tins are the last of them.

There was some spiced nuts in them that my sister in law made but they were way spicy. She also put some Michigan chocolate covered mints in there though that were yummy so you can guess what we ate and what we didn't :) lol

Now, onto Spring..and it better hurry up and get its behind here..enough of the Winter!

Christmas Cookies for Gifts

Christmas Cookies for Gifts

Some of the cookies this year:

1. Lemon Bars (one of my all time favorites)
2. Chocolate Fudge
3. Peanut Blossoms
4. Magic Cookie Bars
5. Pecan Pie Cookies
6. Rice Krispie Cookies
7. M & M Cookies
8. Peppermint Butter Cookies
9. Chocolate Chip
10. Oatmeal Raison
11. Orange Chocolate Chunk Cookies (My sister made these, she won first prize at the Ohio State Fair with these Cookies!)
12. Iced Sugar Cookies

holiday cookie tins

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