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Beef Slow Cooker

beef slow cooker

    slow cooker
  • Am electric duck oven or casserole used to cook stews and soups slowly. Also known as a crock pot.

  • A large electric pot used for cooking food, esp. stews, very slowly

  • A countertop electrical cooking appliance that cooks food with low, steady, moist heat. It consists of a lidded round or oval cooking pot made of glazed ceramic or porcelain, surrounded by a housing, usually metal, containing a thermostatically controlled electric heating element.

  • A slow cooker, Crock-Pot (a US trademark that is often used generically), or Slo-Cooker (a UK trade mark that is often used generically) is a countertop electrical cooking appliance that maintains a relatively low temperature compared to other cooking methods (such as baking, boiling, and frying

  • Flesh or muscle, typically when well developed

  • A cow, bull, or ox fattened for its meat

  • gripe: complain; "What was he hollering about?"

  • meat from an adult domestic bovine

  • The flesh of a cow, bull, or ox, used as food

  • cattle that are reared for their meat

6th Course: Kobe beef

6th Course:  Kobe beef

Kobe beef tenderloin with charred soy beans, fresh jalepeno and parmesan. The beef is sauced with a tangy shallot vinaigrette.

Notes: When I cut into this tenderloin, I knew something different was afoot. It was pure fat. I mean marbeled to a degree I couldn't believe! I suspected it was Kobe beef, but the menu said "Carmelized beef tenderloin." When I asked our server, he confirmed my suspicion, happily notifying me that the chef had prepared a special cut for me.

While I was humbled by the gesture, I really didn't care for this cut. It was excessively fatty and greasy. I know there are those out there who will swear by Kobe/Wagyu - I'm not one of them. The only way I've enjoyed Kobe/Wagyu is rare - shabu sabu style or as a small portion of carpaccio. Cooked, Kobe beef becomes a soft gelatinous mass of fat. Again, not to bite the hand that feeds, it was certainly a very generous and thoughtful gesture by Chef Johnson.

I have to say that I would have enjoyed the soy beans and greens (I don't think they were jalepeno - they were more like braised mustard greens) had they not been bathed in a sea of Kobe grease. The best part of the dish was the shallot vinaigrette - impossibly tangy-tart. I'm a sucker for sour tastes, especially where, as here, it helps cut through the fat.

Overall, this dish would have been stupendous had the beef been leaner. I know, I'm such a hard critic to please!

Beef: It's what's rotting in your colon

Beef: It's what's rotting in your colon

I prefer funny, poignant, or social-commentary photo-ops to be spontaneous. In this case, I became part of the scene. Knowing what shirt i had on, i had the girlfriend take the photo when the slogan on the back could be read in context with the woman chowing down on the Taco Bell beef/dairy products. She's also an employee. In fact, I think that's a Taco bell jacket.

I used PaintShop pro to enlarge the logo on this shirt so it would be more readable. I think i failed.


beef slow cooker

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